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Business Disputes Solicitors in Nottingham

Business disputes can be a daunting prospect and very harmful to a business if not resolved properly. Any disputes, but especially commercial disputes, take up time, resources, energy, and money, as well as interfering with the businesses ability to operate efficiently.

Having proper legal advice can help the dispute to be resolved in a cost-effective and timely manner while preventing any further damaging impact on your business. 

Where court is not necessary to resolve the dispute, our team are experts in alternative dispute resolutions (ADR). Using ADR saves needless expenses, time and negative publicity about the business, as well as helping to salvage relationships. Our team includes accredited mediators, reflecting our specialist expertise.

We understand that court can be a daunting prospect. So, where it is necessary for you to attend court, we will provide close personal support to you throughout the process so you can achieve the best possible outcome.

To discuss how our business disputes solicitors in Nottingham can help you, please contact our Nottingham office.

Our commercial dispute resolution solicitors in Nottingham can assist with matters including:

  • Advice on dispute avoidance
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Partnership, director and shareholder disputes
  • Employee disputes
  • Supplier and local authority disputes
  • Customer disputes and product liability
  • Contractual disputes
  • Contentious property and land matters
  • Injunctions
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Insolvency, debt recovery and finance litigation
  • Agricultural disputes and Agricultural Tribunal applications
  • Planning disputes
  • International claims and disputes

A tailored approach to commercial dispute resolution to match your priorities

Early intervention to avoid business disputes

Business disputes can be easily avoided when handled properly and with the assistance of a professional solicitor skilled in this area. We will listen to your view of the situation and take the time to clarify options to carefully sidestep the dispute before it escalates any further.

Pre-action commercial dispute resolution

Disputes can often be promptly resolved early on without the need for matters to go any further. Our solicitors can help you do this by strategically planning what outcome you would like to receive, then creating a letter before action or taking part in a private negotiation to find an outcome both parties are happy with and that will prevent any further or future disputes.

Commercial mediation

Our team contains trained mediators who can neutrally facilitate negotiations between parties involved in business disputes. Partner Peter Cusick is a CEDR Accredited Mediator, and Partner Tim Russ is a mediator accredited by ADR Group, CEDR and the Law Society Civil and Commercial mediation panel.

As well as facilitating negotiations, our team have significant experience in assisting those wanting to settle their dispute using mediation instead of through court proceedings.


For those parties involved in a business dispute who have not been able to agree a resolution but do not want to pursue court proceedings, arbitration is an alternative choice. Unlike mediation, when an arbitrator makes a decision, it is legally binding. The arbitrator will establish the facts and listen to the arguments set out by each party, they will then review everything and make a final decision.


Adjudication is very similar to arbitration, where a neutral adjudicator will listen to the facts and arguments set out by each party and make a legally binding decision on what they heard. The key difference is that adjudication is for business disputes that are involved in the construction or engineering industry.

Our Senior Associate Alex Forster has specific skills in this area, having helped many clients with their construction and engineering business disputes.

Commercial litigation

In some instances, ADR is not appropriate, or it has been tried and not helped the parties involved to find a resolution to their business dispute. Where this is the case, court proceedings may be necessary. In such circumstances, clear and accurate legal advice is absolutely essential to ensure the case is well prepared for the best chance of success.

Our team of Nottingham business dispute lawyers have helped many clients in court and tribunal settings. We know exactly how to bring forward your case in the right way to achieve the most favourable outcome available.

Our commercial dispute resolution fees

We are always clear and transparent with our costs from the outset, offering fixed fees for the majority of cases. This provides our clients with certainty over what they will be paying.

We will ensure that you are fully aware of the costs involved and are happy to continue. This will always be agreed upon before any work is undertaken.  

If you are interested in learning more about our services and fees, please get in touch, and we will be happy to advise you.

Why choose Roythornes’ business disputes solicitors in Nottingham?

We have highly skilled team members in our Commercial Dispute Resolution team with extensive knowledge in alternative dispute resolutions and court litigation. By having experts in both approaches to business disputes, we can support clients no matter their situation, whether it is straightforward or complex.

The commercial dispute resolution team is led by Partner Phil Cookson, who for many years has helped clients with all manner of business disputes, both in ADR and court litigation situations. Alongside Phil are acknowledged experts Peter Cusick, Hannah Leese, Tim Russ, Sarah Whitehurst, and many other skilled legal experts.

The team will always ensure each client receives close personal support and clear, honest, and sensible advice.

We will always choose the best route for your circumstances, meaning it will always be the most cost-effective and efficient method for your business dispute.

In addition to our Nottingham office, we have offices in Alconbury, Peterborough and Spalding.

Get in touch with our Nottingham business dispute resolution solicitors

For help in resolving any type of business dispute in Nottingham and the local area, please contact our Nottingham office.

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