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We help people to plan, protect and provide for their families long into the future.

Employment law

The Employment specialists make sure that employees at work have their rights protected and that any disputes are handled in a reasonable manner.  Where employees have been treated unfairly or not in line with the law, we can help to redress the issue.

Moving home

Our Property specialists help with a wide range of property issues including moving house, which we try to make as smooth as possible.  We also handle property disputes and planning issues which often involves an understanding of complex regulations and past cases.

Family law

Our Family team helps individuals through the complex and often distressing issues that can arise when relationships break down, including separation, divorce and the important financial consequences.  They also help to draft pre-nuptial agreements to ensure that assets are protected should things not go to plan.

Personal injury claims

Members of the Personal Injury team help people claim compensation for injuries they have suffered at home and abroad, as well as those injured whilst serving in the armed forces.  They take a long-term view and make sure that accident victims have enough for the care they need for as long as they need it.

Wealth management

Our wealth and tax management expertise means we are here to guide you through the complexities of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax. We also help with business succession planning and exit strategies. Our tax and succession planning in the agricultural sector enjoys a national reputation and the team receives a steady stream of referrals from accountants and land agents. Our lawyers can help with the preparation of wills, administration of assets after death and the setting up and administration of trusts. Probate disputes are handled alongside litigation colleagues.


We can help you with:

  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Tax planning
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Mental capacity issues
  • Personal injury claims
  • Employment issues
  • Family problems including separation, divorce and pre-nuptial agreements.


Court of Protection and mental capacity

If a loved one no longer has the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, you may need to take legal step to ensure that you can make key decisions for them so that their best interests are protected.

Our Court of Protection solicitors can help you with issues including applying for a Court of Protection deputyship, creating a Statutory Will, deprivation of liberty and making gifts on another person’s behalf.

Notarial services

If you are travelling abroad, whether for business or personal matters, there will often be key legal documents that you need to have accepted by foreign authorities. Many will not automatically accept UK documents without proper certification.

Our in-house Notary Publics can certify a wide range of documents for use anywhere in the world, including for use in foreign courts and with civil authorities in another country. This includes copies of passports, educational or professional qualifications and residency documents.


Whether you want to build a new property or make changes to an existing property, you will need to comply with the relevant planning laws or risk legal and financial consequences. You could also be forced to undo any work you have carried out.

Our planning solicitors can guide you through the entire planning process, including applying for planning, planning appeals, negotiating with councils and other parties and dealing with transactions, such as entering into a planning agreement.

Powers of Attorney

If you are concerned that you may become unable to manage your own personal, financial and legal affairs in the future, it is strongly worth considering creating a Lasting Power of Attorney. This authorises a trusted friend, family member or professional to make these decisions on your behalf.

Our Powers of Attorney solicitors can help you with all aspects of this process, including creating, amending or ending a Lasting Power of Attorney, as well as resolving any disputes related to a Power of Attorney.

Professional trusteeship

There are a number of situations where it can be beneficial to appoint a professional trustee, including providing a higher standard of trusteeship, ensuring there is always a trustee available and giving you the benefit of the professional trustees expertise.

Roythornes Trustees Limited offers professional trusteeship for a variety of circumstances, including acting as an executor of your Will, for a new or existing trust, as a Court of Protection Deputy and for a charity.

Wills and probate

Around two-thirds of UK adults do not have a Will, leaving their loved ones and dependants at risk of having a difficult probate process to handle and meaning that their own wishes for their estate may not be carried out.

Our Wills and probate solicitors can help you create or update a Will, advise you on estate planning, support you during the probate process for a loved one, act as professional Executors and assist you in resolving inheritance disputes.