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Sitting in a prime location close to Alconbury and Huntingdon, with connections via rail and road routes, our new Alconbury office is ideally positioned to serve businesses and individuals.

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Our legal services for individuals in Alconbury

Residential conveyancing

Moving home, or completing any other type of residential conveyancing transaction, is an exciting prospect. However, it can also appear rather overwhelming, especially as our homes are likely to be among the most substantial assets we will accrue during our lifetimes.

No matter what type of transaction you are looking to complete, our residential conveyancing solicitors will be by your side to guide you through the process from start to finish. 

Residential property planning

There often comes a time when we want to make alterations to our homes and will need the permission of the local council to do so. This can be a complex and contentious issue, which is where the guidance of our property planning solicitors will be crucial.

Our team will advise you on all the options available and make sure that the approach you take does not compromise your compliance with council guidelines.

Family law

Finding a resolution to issues involving your family can be a challenge, with there being a range of emotional and practical challenges that need to be swiftly resolved.

We have vast experience in advising on a wide range of family law matters. In addition to offering practical solutions to complex issues, we will provide close personal support and encourage the application of a collaborative approach to preserve family relationships wherever possible.

Individual employment law

Experiencing a problem at work can be very disruptive for both your professional and personal life. Where you believe that your employer or former employer has failed in their obligations towards you, it may be possible to make a claim. This is something our employment law solicitors may be able to help you with.

We can work alongside you to resolve a wide range of employment law matters, empowering you and helping you to enforce your rights.

Individual notary services

If you need any documents to be authenticated for personal use abroad, our notary team can help.

Our notary team have the authority to certify various documents so that they will be accepted by foreign courts and civil authorities when required.

Personal injury

Being injured in an accident that was not your fault, or was the direct result of someone else’s actions, is undoubtedly a difficult experience for anyone to deal with. In many cases, you may have experienced financial losses, as well as being unable to enjoy some of the things you once could.

Making a personal injury compensation claim with our solicitors can help you to get your life back on track. We can support you with the process of making a claim, advising you on the level of compensation you may be able to receive.

Wills, probate and private client matters

Making a Will, or any other lifetime plan, will be essential for ensuring that your wishes are respected when you are no longer around, or in the event that you lose the capacity to make decisions yourself.

If you need to make a Will from scratch, amend an existing Will, or create any other provisions, our private client solicitors will be available to provide a tailored solution for you and your family. We can also help you if you are carrying out your role as an executor or attorney, making certain that you conduct your role as effectively as possible.

Our legal services for businesses in Alconbury

Business employment law

Employment law is complex and ever-changing. It is therefore important that you remain on top of your obligations towards your employees and know exactly how to respond to any potential issues that emerge.

Our employment law solicitors can work closely with your business, assessing your current situation, your future requirements, and what action to take if an employee or former employee has raised an issue.

Business notary services

There are various scenarios where your business may require the assistance of a Notary Public, including where there is a need to check any documents which have come from or will be used, outside the UK.

Our business notary solicitors can help businesses who are involved in international trade in a number of ways, including witnessing signatures for deeds, as well as authenticating any type of business documents.

Construction and engineering

We have experience in working with a diverse range of clients to find innovative solutions to construction and engineering matters, using our expertise to make sure that projects run as smoothly as possible.

From working alongside construction and engineering clients to provide advice on funding arrangements and documentation, to liaising with designers and professional advisers, we will provide tailored advice geared towards achieving innovative solutions.

Corporate and commercial

Putting the right framework in place for your business is critical for ensuring both short and long-term success. No matter what industry you operate in, or what company law matter you need our help with, we will be happy to step in.

Our corporate and commercial solicitors are committed to adding real value to your business endeavours and making sure that you have the right legal guidance in place.

Debt recovery

If a customer does not pay on time, leaving you chasing debts, the impact on your business can be significant. The process of chasing debts can be highly time consuming and frustrating, and leave you unable to access important funds for your general operations.

We can support your business with the debt recovery process and make sure that any funds owed to you are paid back as quickly as possible and in full. If debts are not paid voluntarily, we can also help with taking court action.

Dispute resolution

Commercial disputes can stretch your resources thin and put you at risk of reputational damage. Without early intervention, disputes can quickly escalate.

Our commercial dispute solicitors will carefully assess your situation and guide you towards the most practical solution, protecting your commercial interests in the process. Wherever possible, we will encourage the use of mediation, arbitration, or adjudication.

International trade

We have established a number of specific services for international trade matters. Our team are able to support both UK businesses who are looking to trade overseas, as well as international companies who want to set themselves up in the UK, or sell their products to a UK customer base.

Planning and Development

Planning permission will often be necessary for expansions or alternations to commercial property. Our planning and development solicitors will be able to provide you with expert advice and guidance on this, working closely with our commercial property experts to provide a comprehensive service.

Real estate

We act on behalf of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as individual entrepreneurs in the UK to advise on a range of real estate matters. We seek to develop long-term relationships which are based on a deep understanding of your wider legal requirements.

Local legal resources in Alconbury

Huntingdonshire District Council

Alconbury is part of Huntingdonshire District, making the Huntingdon District Council the local authority for the village and civil parish of Alconbury.

Citizens Advice Rural Cambs

Citizens Advice Rural Cambs offers a good starting point for information about a variety of issues. It can be useful for getting a general understanding of a subject before approaching a solicitor for more in-depth help.

Court and Tribunal Finder

The Government’s Court and Tribunal Finder allows you to find your nearest local courts and tribunals based on your postcode.

Directions to our Alconbury office

By car

There is onsite parking available at our Alconbury office.

By bus

Senlid Road bus stop is located directly outside our Alconbury office. It is served by bus number AW1.

By train

Alconbury Train Station is around a ten-minute car journey away from our Alconbury office.

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