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Business Disputes Solicitors in Alconbury

Disputes can be very damaging to a business, taking up time, energy and money to deal with, as well as potentially impacting your ability to operate effectively and harming your reputation. Astute legal advice can be a real lifeline.

Roythornes business disputes solicitors in Alconbury have decades of combined experience helping clients to resolve all manner of commercial conflicts. We can provide clear advice on your situation and recommend the best way forward to help you get the outcome you need in a way that matches your overall business interests.

Even the most seemingly intractable business disputes can often be resolved quickly and amicably with the right advice from an experienced expert in commercial dispute resolution. The majority of issues can be worked out without court proceedings, saving you time, money, unwanted publicity and helping to salvage important relationships.

Our team includes accredited mediators, meaning we can offer this highly effective method of commercial dispute resolution in house. We can also offer arbitration and adjudication for business disputes where appropriate, giving clients the best chance of securing an outcome that matches their interests without the need for contentious court proceedings.

Where court proceedings are required, we have an excellent track record of success, helping out clients to prepare their cases and making sure they have the very best representation.

To discuss how our business disputes solicitors in Alconbury can help you, please contact our Alconbury office.

Our commercial dispute resolution solicitors in Alconbury can assist with matters including:

  • Advice on dispute avoidance
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Partnership, director and shareholder disputes
  • Employee disputes
  • Supplier and local authority disputes
  • Customer disputes and product liability
  • Contractual disputes
  • Contentious property and land matters
  • Injunctions
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Insolvency, debt recovery and finance litigation
  • Agricultural disputes and Agricultural Tribunal applications
  • Planning disputes
  • International claims and disputes

A tailored approach to commercial dispute resolution to match your priorities

Early intervention to avoid business disputes

Often business disputes can be avoided with the right early advice from our experienced team. We can help to clarify your legal position and rights, then suggest specific actions you can take to sidestep a potential dispute or proactively resolve a problem before it escalates into a dispute.

Pre-action commercial dispute resolution

Many commercial disputes can be swiftly resolved with the strategic intervention of our team. We can assist with options including letters before action setting out your position and the outcome you wish to achieve, as well as private negotiations to find an amicable solution where possible.

Commercial mediation

Mediation is now one of the most common methods of resolving business disputes and is increasingly encouraged by the courts as an alternative to litigation. Our business disputes solicitors in Alconbury include skilled mediators who can facilitate constructive negotiations between the parties to a dispute in a mediated setting.

Roythornes Partner Peter Cusick is a CEDR Accredited Mediator, and Partner Tim Russ is accredited as a mediator by ADR Group, CEDR and the Law Society Civil and Commercial mediation panel.


Arbitration offers an attractive option where the parties to a business dispute cannot agree on a resolution but are still keen to avoid court proceedings. An arbitrator will review the parties’ arguments and provide a binding decision on the outcome. Roythornes is one of only a few firms in the area that offer this highly effective method of alternative dispute resolution for business disputes.

Our commercial disputes solicitors in Alconbury include Roythornes Partner Tim Russ, who is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.


Adjudication is a dispute resolution method used for construction and engineering disputes. It is normally a contractual requirement for many types of construction contracts and is similar to arbitration in that it involves an independent adjudicator reviewing the facts set out by the parties to a dispute and making a binding decision on the outcome.

Senior Associate Alex Forster has particular expertise in the use of adjudication for construction and engineering disputes.

Commercial litigation

Where other methods have not succeeded or are not appropriate, it may be necessary to take a dispute to court or tribunal. It is essential to have the best available legal support to ensure your case is prepared effectively, all the right evidence is included, and every available argument considered.

Roythornes business disputes solicitors in Alconbury are highly experienced in court and tribunal proceedings for commercial disputes, so they can give you the best chance of securing the outcome you need.

Our commercial dispute resolution fees

The cost of dealing with a business dispute is always an important consideration when deciding what action to take. Our team are acutely aware of this, so make sure we always give clear advice on the likely costs involved in tackling a business dispute and how this compares to the potential outcomes you could achieve.

Wherever possible, we will operate on a fixed fee basis, so you know exactly what your costs should be in advance. All costs will be discussed and agreed upon before any work is undertaken, so you remain in complete control of your expenditure at all times.

For an initial discussion of your business dispute and to find out more about our fees, please get in touch, and we will be happy to advise you.

Why choose Roythornes’ business disputes solicitors in Alconbury?

Our Commercial Dispute Resolution team is made up of highly experienced experts in both alternative dispute resolution and court litigation. This means we can offer a flexible approach to match your situation, getting you the best available outcome for your business dispute as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

The team is led by Roythornes’ Parter Phil Cookson, who has many years of experience advising a wide range of businesses on all manner of disputes. Phil is supported by a very able team, including Partners Peter Cusick, Hannah Leese, Tim Russ and Sarah Whitehurst, allowing us to offer an exceptional level of specialist commercial dispute resolution expertise and the highest quality client service.

Our team will also be happy to talk to you over the phone, via email or through video conferencing, and we can also visit you at your business premises for your convenience.

As well as our Alconbury office, we also have offices in Nottingham, Peterborough and Spalding, allowing us to offer a convenient local dispute resolution service for businesses across the East Midlands and East of England.

Get in touch with our Alconbury business dispute resolution solicitors

For help resolving a commercial dispute in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area, please contact our Alconbury office.