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Planning Solicitors in Nottingham

At Roythornes, our planning solicitors in Nottingham have one goal in mind: to help land and property owners complete their development projects with ease. Navigating the planning system can be particularly complex, and in the face of ever-changing legislation, having an expert on board can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful application. That’s why seeking advice from an early stage is vital; and you can expect nothing less than determination and dedication from the team at Roythornes.

Working alongside builders, developers and local authorities, we take a commercial and practical approach to what can sometimes be a lengthy and complex area of law. As well as helping you to gain planning permission, our diverse team of expert planning solicitors in Nottingham is available round the clock to advise you on renewable energy schemes, highway and infrastructure agreements and stopping-up of public rights-of-way. If your planning application is unsuccessful, you can rely on Roythornes to assist you through the appeals process with ease – whether it requires an informal hearing or a public inquiry.

Why choose Roythornes' Planning solicitors?

Our planning solicitors in Nottingham have the experience necessary to assist with planning projects of all sizes. In conjunction with our commercial property team they are able to provide a complete and comprehensive service, tailored to suit individual needs. If complications arise – you’ll always be the first to know and together we will work to find solutions that suit your specific needs.

Planning Law: the basics

Whether you’ve got plans to renovate property to sell or you’re looking to construct new housing altogether, the success of your project will be determined by planning laws and restrictions from your local council. Before diving head first into a significant investment, it’s vital to seek advice from a property professional to identify how planning law will impact your project. Recent changes to the Growth and Infrastructure Act in 2013 have made it easier to obtain planning permission – particularly for minor developments, however,  legal advice from your specialist planning solicitor in Nottingham will help ensure that your proposed property projects are compliant with legislation and do not ignore any restrictions imposed by the local authority. That way, your chances of having to go through the appeals process will be minimised. 

Resources for Planning Law in Nottingham

Citizens Advice Nottingham

For free advice regarding your development project, make an appointment with the Citizens Advice Bureau in Nottingham. While your advisor will not be permitted to assist with your application, they should be able to provide you with a general overview of your options.

Nottingham Council

The Nottingham council website provides detailed information regarding planning for builders and developers in Nottingham as well as current legislation and planning policy. Here you will also find contact details so you can get in touch and discuss your project before submitting an application.

Nottingham Council – Planning Application Forms

Here you will find the necessary application forms, which require completion and submission before your development project can move forward.