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Contract Dispute Solicitors in Birmingham

Commercial contracts and agreements are critical for the success of a business and its relationships. Where there is a dispute over the terms of an agreement or the conduct of one of the parties, it can have very serious consequences. Seeking expert advice at an early stage is the best way to protect your business and its relationships.

At Roythornes Solicitors, our commercial dispute solicitors in Birmingham are ready to step in when you run into an issue or are concerned about a potential problem. We can advise you on your rights and support you to take swift action to protect your interests.

We have an excellent track record of resolving contract disputes quickly and cost-effectively using alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This can save a lot of time and cost, while helping to preserve relationships and avoid negative publicity. Our team includes accredited mediators, reflecting our specialist expertise.

Our contract law solicitors can give you confidence that you are taking the right steps at the right time when dealing with a dispute. We can also advise on proactive measures to minimise the risk of future disputes.

To discuss how our contract dispute solicitors can help you, please contact our Birmingham office.

Our contract dispute solicitors in Birmingham can assist with issues related to matters including:

  • General terms and conditions
  • Contract for the sale and supply of goods and services
  • Consumer contracts
  • Warranties and indemnities
  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Hire agreements
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Overage and clawback agreements
  • Breach of covenant
  • Misrepresentation
  • Professional negligence
  • Force majeure
  • Frustration
  • Civil fraud

A tailored approach to contract disputes to match your priorities

Our contract dispute solicitors can employ a variety of approaches to find the best outcome for you. This means that, no matter your circumstances or the complexity of your dispute, we can offer an appropriate strategy.

Clear advice on your rights from experienced business contract lawyers

The first step when dealing with any contract dispute is to make sure you fully understand your position, including your rights and liabilities, as well as what options you have for reaching a resolution.

Our lawyers for contract disputes will review the relevant contract or agreement, then talk you through the relevant terms in plain English. We will make sure you know where you stand, what you can hope to achieve and what is at risk. You can then make a pragmatic business decision about what action you wish to take.

Pre-action contract dispute resolution

It is often the case that contract disputes can be resolved relatively quickly and simply once our team are involved. We can draft a letter before action setting out your position and the outcome you would like to achieve, then deal with any follow-up correspondence with the other party or parties involved.

If any negotiation is required, we can handle this for you or support you where you wish to take care of negotiations yourself. We can then assist with any subsequent actions that may be required, such as redrafting contracts to avoid future disputes.

Commercial mediation

Commercial mediation can be a very effective way of resolving contract disputes, especially where the parties wish to maintain a business relationship going forward. The process usually takes place over half a day or a full day and involves the parties, their lawyers and a trained, neutral mediator who helps to facilitate productive discussions towards agreeing a resolution.

Our team can offer exceptional expertise in using mediation for contract disputes in Birmingham.

Arbitration for contract disputes

Where mediation is not successful or is not considered appropriate, arbitration is a popular choice. It offers the same finality as court proceedings, while allowing contract disputes to be resolved quicky and with significantly lower costs than court proceedings, as well as keeping matters private.

The process involves a trained arbitrator reviewing each party’s position and making a binding decision about how the dispute should be resolved. All parties must agree to abide by the arbitrator’s decision and the parties will have the chance to present evidence and set out their case for what they think the outcome should be.

In many ways, arbitration is like going to court, but two key advantages are that it can generally happen much faster, as you do not need to wait for a court date, and the proceedings are held in private, so nobody needs to know the details except the involved parties.

Adjudication for contract disputes

For contract disputes related to the construction and engineering industry, adjudication is often required as part of the terms of a contract. The process is very similar to adjudication, leading to a legally binding decision.

We are able to assist construction and engineering clients with adjudication proceedings as Roythornes’ Partner Alex Forster has specific skills and experience in this area.

Court proceedings for contract disputes

Unfortunately, alternative dispute resolution is not always able to deliver a satisfactory outcome and, in some cases, it may not be appropriate. In such cases, court proceedings may be the only viable option. Should this be the situation, then getting the right legal team behind you is absolutely critical.

Our commercial contract disputes lawyers are highly experienced in court and tribunal proceedings. We know what is needed for a strong case, so can make sure we gather all of the right evidence and present your side of the dispute in the strongest possible light. This way, we can give you the best chance of getting the outcome you need.

Our commercial contract disputes fees

In many cases, we can offer fixed fees for dealing with contract disputes in Birmingham. This means clients can be confident the cost of our support is proportionate to the stakes involved.

During your initial consultation, we will discuss our fees and the likely costs involved in dealing with your dispute. You can then make an informed decision about how you wish to proceed.

If you are interested in learning more about our contract disputes services and fees, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you.

Why choose Roythornes’ contract dispute solicitors in Birmingham?

Our Commercial Dispute Resolution team is highly skilled in dealing with all types of business disputes, including contractual disputes.

We recognise that each situation is unique, with its own issues and concerns that must be addressed. As such, we will take the time to understand your priorities, then make sure we work together to reach an outcome that works for you in a way that reflects your needs.

Drawing on strong expertise in alternative dispute resolution, we can often resolve contract disputes without the need for contentious court proceedings. However, if court action is needed, we can make sure your case is robustly prepared and that you have the very best representation.

In addition to our Birmingham office, we have offices in Alconbury, Nottingham, Peterborough and Spalding.

Get expert help with contract disputes in Birmingham

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