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Residential Conveyancing Solicitors in Birmingham

If you are buying or selling a property, having an experienced conveyancing solicitor/FCILEX Lawyer on your side will help ensure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

At Roythornes, our team of specialist residential conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham have a wide range of experience in dealing with all types of residential property transactions. From buying your first home, selling your existing home or investment, or simply looking at transferring or remortgaging a property.

As well as having a deep understanding of both property law and the conveyancing process, we are also known for our reputation in putting the clients needs at the forefront of everything and delivering a personal, outstanding customer service.

We know this is the single most important transaction anyone will make in their lives. With that in mind, we will  keep you updated as to the progress of your transaction and work with you to avoid delays, and proactively complete the transaction in a timely manner. 

Because our conveyancing lawyers have a high level of expertise, we are generally able to deal with difficulties promptly and effectively.

To speak to a local conveyancing solicitor in Birmingham, please contact our Birmingham office.

Services provided by our conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham:

Our residential property conveyancing services in Birmingham include:

  • Buying a house
  • Selling a house
  • First time buyers
  • Buying a leasehold property
  • Selling a leasehold property
  • Buying a newbuild house or flat
  • Remortgage
  • Transfer of equity

Bespoke conveyancing services in Birmingham for all your property law needs

Buying a house

We provide representation and advice to house buyers whether you are buying a family home, somewhere to retire or an investment property. We will check the legal title and carry out the necessary searches, advising you of anything you need to be aware of.

We know how important it is to keep you in the loop and we will make sure that you know what stage has been reached and what needs to happen next in the process.

A successful transaction often depends on avoiding delays and working to meet deadlines. Our team have the experience to manage the process efficiently and resolve any complications quickly.

We always aim to be ready to exchange contracts and complete within a reasonable timeframe.

Selling a house

If you are selling a property, we will make sure that contract papers are sent out promptly and that we keep in regular touch with your buyer’s solicitor so that we know what stage they have reached and whether they need anything more from us.

If you are also buying a property, we will tie this in, liaising with estate agents and your seller’s solicitor to agree on a completion date.

You can ask us to represent you as soon as you decide to sell, so that we can let you have the initial forms for completion, verify your identity and open a file in readiness.

First time buyers

Buying your first home is an exciting time. We know that you will probably have lots of questions and our team will always be happy to answer these and to talk through anything of concern. We will make sure that you have full guidance throughout the process, so that you feel supported and understand what is happening. We also have specialist lawyers within other teams who can support with Estate Planning and Drafting your Will.

To learn more about how we could support you today, please contact our residential conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham.

Buying or selling a leasehold flat

Dealing with a leasehold property such as a flat or apartment is a little more complicated than a freehold. There is a lot more work involved as there are more parties who are invested within the transaction. 

The  buyer’s/purchasers solicitor will need to go through the lease and the Management Pack obtained from the Management Company. This will include documents such as the buildings insurance schedule, management company accounts, confirmation that the ground rent and service charge have been paid, evidence of the amount held in any sinking fund to pay for future large items of expenditure and replies to leasehold enquiries.

We always work proactively to ensure that this does not delay  the conveyancing process. When you are thinking of selling a property, it would be prudent to contact your Management Company to inform them and request the Management Pack. That will save valuable time during the transaction.

If you are buying a leasehold property, we will go through the transaction with you, in depth without legal jargon and providing clear, concise  information in relation to your Leasehold transaction. 

Buying a newbuild house or flat

Buying a newbuild house or flat will generally involve much more paperwork than a second hand property. The Developers Solicitors will produce to us a legal pack which contains various documents in relation to the property, the development site where the property is built and various planning, building regulation consents. 

The developer will confirm to you on reservation of the property at the site office as to whether the transaction needs to be expedited to exchange contracts within 28 days. We are used to this and frequently work to meet very tight newbuild deadlines.

At Roythornes, our residential property conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham have much experience supporting clients to pursue newbuild properties. No matter the complexity of your needs, we can assist.


If you are remortgaging with anyone other than your existing lender, you will need a solicitor to deal with the transaction. If you ask us to represent you, we will carry out the due diligence process that the new lender requires. This is very similar to the purchase process, as the lender will need to be satisfied that the property is good security for its loan.

Transfer of equity

We can represent you if you are transferring an interest in a property. This could be from joint names to your sole name or from your name into joint names with someone else. We will advise you of the implications of the transaction and arrange for the change in ownership to be registered at HM Land Registry.

Our conveyancing fees

We will provide you with an estimate of the costs at the start of your transaction. This will include both our legal fees and other expenses that you will need to pay, such as search fees and Stamp Duty.

If you would like a conveyancing quote, please feel free to contact our Birmingham office and we will be happy to go through the costs with you.

For more information, see our conveyancing pricing page.

Why choose Roythornes’ residential conveyancing solicitors in Birmingham?

We have been dealing with conveyancing in Birmingham for many years, meaning we have a good understanding of the local property market as well as excellent connections with estate agents and surveyors in the area.

Our Conveyancing team is led by Head of Residential Conveyancing Claire Langford, who has over 25 years’ experience in the legal industry and who has specialised in residential conveyancing for ten years.

She is supported by a twenty-strong team with an exceptional range of expertise and knowledge across all parts of the sector, representing a range of clients, from first time buyers to landlords and investors.

All our conveyancing lawyers offer a tailored, personal service, providing the advice and support you need at what can be a stressful time. We always work to ensure a transaction goes as seamlessly as possible, making your move as easy as we can.

In addition to our Birmingham office, we have offices in Nottingham, Alconbury, Peterborough and Spalding.