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Like any other employer, the Ministry of Defence has a duty of care for its employees and when things go wrong you deserve compensation for your injuries and suffering.

However, unlike many situations, the issues surrounding MOD claims can be very complex and deserve to be handled by a specialist.

Roythornes has been handling MOD and military compensation claims for a number of years and in that time has built a reputation based on technical expertise, sensitivity and good legal work.

Why should you use Roythornes to handle your MOD compensation claim?

Over the years we have built up an extensive network of knowledge and contacts in relation to MOD compensation claims.

We have access to a panel of experienced medical specialists who understand the military way of life and injuries suffered by those working within it.

We are one of the top 200 law firms in the UK – large enough to have technical specialists in most areas of law, but small enough to maintain that all-important personal service and contact throughout a case.

The type of MOD and military claims we handle include

  • Military accidents at work
  • Personnel involved in road traffic accidents
  • Claims involving serious injuries
  • Boards of Inquiry and inquests
  • Clinical negligence

Examples of how we have helped

  • Parascending accident: our client was part of group activity in a mountainous range in Kenya. Our client jumped off a mountain with a parachute and suffered injuries on landing.  As a result, a claim was brought against the MOD, alleging neglect on their part, and compensation was recovered with the claim settling for a six-figure sum.
  • Parachute accident: we successfully recovered compensation from the MOD for personal injuries and financial losses suffered by a number of claimants who were injured as a result of a large-scale military parachuting accident in Sardinia.
  • Frostbite claim: the army failed to provide our client with appropriate clothing and equipment whilst out on patrol. As a result, our client suffered a freezing injury to his feet caused by the extreme weather conditions. Our client was discharged from the army and a successful claim was brought against the MOD.
  • MOD road traffic accident: we acted for two soldiers who were seriously injured in a road traffic accident on the M6. The driver of the vehicle fell asleep at the wheel and crashed. Both claimants suffered physical and psychological injuries including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Compensation was sought and recovered from the MOD.
  • Clinical negligence and the MOD: our client had surgery whilst in the MOD, organised/arranged through his employer. The military surgeon failed to carry out the surgery properly and repeat surgical treatment was required.  This had an impact on the claimant’s career. But for the negligence, he would have achieved a higher rank than he did at the point of discharge. A claim was pursued against the MOD which was initially disputed, but we persevered and after taking the matter to Court, the claim was eventually settled.
  • Slipping accident:  our client was walking across the courtyard when he slipped on some oil residue which had not been cleaned away from vehicle activities undertaken the previous day. Our client suffered a twisting injury to his neck and back and a successful claim was brought against the MOD.

When can you make an MOD claim?

You can make a compensation claim against the MOD for any accidents or injuries which happened after May 1987. You usually have to make a claim within three years of the incident, although this can change depending on the type of claim.

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