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Government statistics suggest that a growing number of people have taken to cycling in recent years and the numbers continue to rise. However, the increased number of people taking to cycling has increased the number of cycling accidents.

We have represented clients involved in accidents in the UK and abroad as a result of accidents on the daily commute, during a leisurely biking trip or on an adventurous biking holiday.

The type of cycling claims we handle include:

  • cycling accidents abroad;
  • organised cycling trips and events;
  • accidents caused by dangerous defects;
  • injuries caused by other drivers or road users;
  • cyclists injured on a daily commute.

How we have helped cycling accident victims

  • Injured on daily commute: cycling to work, especially in larger cities, is being actively encouraged but it is not without its dangers. We acted for a cyclist who was taking his regular route to work in South London. Despite cycling correctly along the designated path, a bin waggon turned left across his path dragging him under its wheels. Unsurprisingly the injuries were extensive. Liability was initially in dispute but we were able to visit the accident scene promptly, interview witnesses and the client, and crucially obtained vital CCTV footage which allowed us to secure a significant sum for our client which helped him rebuild his life.
  • Cyclist injured abroad: cycling holidays both in this country and abroad are a popular pastime. Just because an accident happens outside the UK, it need not be a barrier to successfully pursuing a claim. If the accident occurred in Europe, it is still possible to deal with the claim in this country. We can also work with our wide network of colleagues abroad to pursue a fair level of compensation where cyclists have suffered loss through no fault of their own. We acted for a keen cyclist who has cycled in many countries across a number of continents. As she was cycling through France, a lorry struck her from behind. The unusual circumstances surrounding the claim were, prior to the accident, the defendant driver jumped out of the vehicle,  leaving the lorry unattended at the point of impact. Working with colleagues in France, compensation was secured for our client for her injuries, loss of earnings and of course replacement costs of her cycling equipment. Happily, our client was able to return to her hobby and is still racking up miles across the globe!
  • Cyclists injured riding a tandem bicycle: we acted on behalf of a father and young son who were riding a tandem bicycle on a leisurely biking trip. The accident occurred along a country lane when the defendant, travelling in the opposite direction of travel at a speed of approximately 30-40mph, veered across the road. The tandem bicycle was broken into two pieces and both riders were injured.  Whilst the father suffered minor soft tissue injuries for which we recovered compensation, his son suffered a fracture of his right femur which required extensive surgery involving the insertion of metalwork. We recovered compensation for the son which included costs associated with surgery.
  • Cyclist injured due to defect on a cycle path: our client was travelling to work riding along a cycle path. The front wheel of his bicycle got wedged in a long narrow gap in the cycle path; this took our client by surprise and threw him off his bicycle. There was a dispute about who was responsible for maintaining the cycle pathway, so we carried out a Land Registry search to identify the correct defendant. Liability was then promptly admitted by the defendant and we recovered compensation on behalf of our client for his soft tissue injuries and bicycle damage.
  • Cyclist injured during the course of his employment: our client was overtaking a stationary vehicle when he collided with the vehicle door. The owner of the vehicle failed to check his mirrors before opening his door into the path of our client. The force of the impact threw our client off his bicycle and he landed heavily on his right shoulder. Our client suffered a serious break of the shoulder and he was unable to work or ride his bicycle for several months following his accident. We successfully recovered compensation for his injuries and loss of earnings, together with an award for the care and assistance provided by his family and friends and the additional cost of fuel as he was unable to ride his bicycle.
  • Club cyclist knocked off bicycle by a motorcyclist: our client was training for a cycling event when he suffered an injury and significant financial losses and expenses when he was hit by a motorcyclist who had emerged out of a side road into the path of our client. We recognise that keen club cyclists incur significant expenses in pursuit of their hobby and we successfully recovered compensation for his injury, together with his losses and expenses for specialist bicycle equipment, bicycle modifications, damaged personal effects and clothing.

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