Mobile Phone Mast
Melissa Casey

Telecoms and Mobile Phone Masts

With the continued expansion of the mobile and data networks across the UK an increasing number of landowners are being approached by telecoms companies asking if masts can be placed on their land or property.

Telecoms mast agreements can be complex and it’s important when you are approached that you take legal advice, not only to ensure you are receiving the best deal possible, but just as importantly so that you know what you are entering into in terms of the land and how the site will be managed.

Some of the factors landowners need to consider include site access for construction, ongoing rental value, maintenance and end of life dismantling and removal by the operator. 

At Roythornes we can help with all these issues.  Importantly, we work closely with your other professional advisers such as agents and accountants to ensure the deal you reach fits in with the ‘bigger picture’ of your business.

Some of the areas we can advise landowners who have been approached by telecoms companies include:

  • Advice on the lease – break clauses, renewals and completion
  • Code rights and Code leases
  • Land based or rooftop leases
  • Negotiating contracts and leases to protecting your land
  • Challenging unfair contracts terms and conditions
  • Disputes with the telecoms companies
  • Guidance on the removal or relocation of masts to allow development.

Having worked with farmers and landowners for a number of years, our specialist team has plenty of experience in advising on telecoms mast issues.  If you have been approached by an agent or telecoms company about siting a mast on your land or property, please contact one of the team who will be happy to help.



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