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Sustainability resources

This section of the Hub will point you to resources to help you on your sustainability journey.  We have close links with some of the organisations, but obviously we cannot be held responsible for the information contained in external websites that are out of our control.


We are using Auditel to help us on our Carbon Reduction Plan.  They have a very good newsletter covering carbon issues and useful information on how to reduce your carbon footprint.  The newsletter can be found here:  Auditel News Auditel (U.K.) Limited

B Corp

B Corp certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.  Further details can be found here:

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is is an independent organisation – working to address the climate emergency.  Their website holds details of their services for individuals and businesses.

Investors in the Environment (iiE)

Investors in the Environment (iiE) is a national environmental accreditation scheme designed to help organisations save time and money, reduce their impact on the environment, and get recognition for their progress. iiE is an accessible and proven route to help organisations get started on their sustainability journey and keep going. We have been members of iiE for a number of years and found their guidance most helpful.  Their website can be found here:

ISO 4001

ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system and can be certified to. It maps out a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system.  Further details can be found here:

PAS 2060

PAS 2026 enables organisations to demonstrate to all stakeholders (employees, client, suppliers and partners) that it is actively and tangibly working towards tackling climate change. Further details can be found here: PAS 2060 - Carbon Neutrality Standard and Certification BSI (

UN Sustainable Goals

We align our sustainable interventions with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  These are a series of objectives set by the UN in order to achieve a fairer and more sustainable world.  The website list the goals and goes into some detail about the goals, their purpose,  and progress towards them.     The website can be found here: The UK Government also has a site which measures the UK’s progress on achieving the Goals:


WRAP is a climate action NGO working around the globe to tackle the causes of the climate crisis and give the planet a sustainable future.  They work in over 40 countries, and focus on areas suck as the circular economy, minimising food waste and plastic use,  and recycling.  Their website has a number of useful guides on their work and how you can get involved.  The website can be found here: