Community involvement
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Community involvement

We believe in being an active part of our community. For us, that means using the skills and enthusiasm of our people to help local groups achieve great things.

Many of our staff are involved in charity work on a personal basis, and this is something the firm encourages. On a firm-wide basis, we hold a number of events throughout the year for a variety of good causes including the well-publicised Children in Need and Comic Relief. We also support local charities, and often sponsor clients when they are fundraising themselves.

We participate in the Government's 'positive about disabled people' scheme, which ensures that those with disabilities are treated equally and fairly in our job application process - guaranteeing an interview to disabled people who meet the job criteria.


Roythornes' Charity of the Year

This year our staff have voted to support Blood Bikes, whose volunteers deliver emergency medical supplies up and down the country.

Outside of office hours, hospitals rely on local taxi companies and couriers to transport medical supplies, however the Blood Bikes do this free of charge. It is estimated that for every pound the Blood Bikes receive in donations, they can save the NHS as much as five pounds. The Blood Bikes transport emergency life saving blood, breast milk for premature babies, blood samples and more. The Blood Bikes are highly trained bikers who use specially designed equipment and vehicles. All donations can be invaluable for purchasing bikes, protective clothing, road tax and fuel. The bikers volunteer their time to work in shifts and be on-call 24 hours a day, to provide out of hours emergency transport services to the NHS free of charge.