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Every primary and secondary food-producing business will need to transport their goods, be that livestock, grain, vegetables, meat or final products ready for sale. The vast majority of movement of those goods will be on Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) on the roads. Some food businesses will have their own fleets of vehicles, others will contract with a transport company for their deliveries.

HGVs are dangerous vehicles requiring highly skilled drivers at the wheel. As a result, the Regulations surrounding the driving and service of the HGVs are very tight. Regulations include:

  • Licensing of operators and drivers
  • Limits to drivers’ hours
  • Rules on vehicle conditions
  • Limits on weights and widths of loads
  • Rules on records and maintenance systems

For transporters of live animals, there are additional requirements for the welfare of animals in transport, including the requirement to have a certificate of competence to handle the animals and for the vehicle to meet the necessary conditions for transporting animals.

How we can help

  • Challenging decisions by the Traffic Commissioner and representing you at public inquiries
  • Appealing decisions of Public Inquiries by the Traffic Commissioner
  • Advising in respect of criminal investigations by police, Traffic Commissioner, Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency, Animal and Plant Health Agency
  • Defending prosecutions for transport and traffic-related offences
  • Challenging notices issued by the regulator including fixed penalty notices, prohibition notices etc

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