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Cars and Cyclists - Friends or Foes?

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If you had to create a simple Venn diagram of drivers and cyclists, there would be a significant number of people who would occupy the central sector. Yet you would be forgiven for thinking these two groups, cyclists and drivers, are diametrically opposed.

The internet is awash with dashcam or cycle helmet camera footage of “car v cyclist” road rage incidents. You wouldn’t need an in-depth survey to predict the gripes one group would have against the other.

From a driver’s perspective:  cyclists cut in and out of slow-moving traffic; they cycle without adequate lighting and ignore red traffic lights if it seems the road is clear.

From a cyclist’s perspective: drivers don’t leave sufficient room when overtaking; drivers open car doors without checking for cyclists and drivers turn left cutting up cyclists.

The above actions can lead to significant injuries. 

Roythornes continues to support Road Safety Week organised by the charity “Brake”. Their commitment is to make Britain’s roads a safer and healthier place to travel. Part of their campaign includes encouraging more people to cycle. 

If, of course, there are more cyclists on the road, drivers need to be aware of their responsibilities towards them. The Highway Code specifies cyclists as “vulnerable road users”. Equally, cyclists have their responsibilities too. Brake again has a role to play, visiting schools and helping to develop young cyclists’ awareness of how to stay safe on the roads.

As more people become both drivers and cyclists, they will hopefully have a greater understanding of the needs of fellow road users as well as their own responsibilities.