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Employers, would you benefit from a free employment contract review?

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Employers, we are still regularly coming across contracts of employment that are not compliant with the changes to employment legislation that were introduced in April 2020. If a case ends up in the employment tribunal and you have issued non-compliant contracts, the judge will not be impressed to see that you are not up to date with legislation and good practice. 

If an employee succeeds in a ‘primary’ claim against you at tribunal (perhaps for unfair dismissal, whistle-blowing or discrimination), the employee can be awarded an additional 2 – 4 weeks’ gross pay simply because their contract is non-compliant.

Even if you don’t end up in the tribunal, having non-compliant contracts could lead to employee dissatisfaction or misunderstandings about employment terms, and that may impact on your staff retention as people leave to go to a ‘better’ employer.

It’s easy to sort out: For a limited time only, Roythornes are offering free employment contract reviews, where we will check your template contracts and let you know if they are compliant with the updated legislation. If so, then you will have peace of mind and it hasn’t cost you anything. If not, then we can discuss with you the changes that will be required and how much it’ll be to get them sorted. If you want us to, we can also draft/review your handbook and other policy documents.

For further information, or to book in your review, please contact Shola Khan.