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New rules for Flexible Working requests

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This week, Parliament passed legislation that will change how employers need to deal with flexible working requests and simplifies the process for employees. The key changes are:

  • Employers cannot refuse a request without consulting with the employee;
  • Requests will need to be dealt within two months (down from three months), unless an extension is agreed;
  • Employees will be able to make up to two flexible working requests per year (up from one per year); and
  • Employees won’t need to provide as much information to make a valid request.

The Government will set a date for when these new rules come into force and when they do, any policies you have dealing with flexible working requests will need to be updated.

Flexible working is likely to remain a hot topic with employees increasingly looking for improved work-life balances and flexibility, with other employers looking to bring their workforce back into the office. Getting flexible working requests wrong can lead to resignations, grievances and worst, discrimination claims in the Employment Tribunal.

Our specialist team of employment lawyers can support you with any flexible working requests and updating your policies.

To find out more, or if you have any questions please contact George Miller on 0115 945 4425, or