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Off Shore Wind Solicitors

The UK currently generates more electricity from offshore wind than any other country, and with recent rapid advances in technology, this area seems set for further growth. The National Grid estimates that nearly half of all UK power could be generated by offshore wind and tidal power by 2030. 

How we can help you

  • Pre-Planning and Planning Phase – our specialist planning experts can assist you with the planning process, from initial survey work and community engagement through to liaising with local authorities and planning applications
  • Consented Phase – as our lawyers have the unique experience of having acted for both developers of offshore wind projects and landowners through whose land project infrastructure has passed, our awareness of both sides’ concerns is second to none. With our roots firmly established in the agricultural industry, we are ideally placed to swiftly and efficiently complete the property elements of the project and all ancillary licences including, for example, roads and street works, utility crossing agreements and infrastructure connections
  • Construction Phase – as the developer of an offshore project you will require significant supply chain and employment assistance.  Our property, corporate and employment lawyers can advise you on all aspects of your construction contract, warranties and employer needs and provide you with swift, pro-active advice
  • OFTO regime – Roythornes is one of the few UK firms to have practical experience with the FTO regime and is ideally placed to advise you on how to structure your project, not only so that the planning and construction phases of the project progress smoothly, but also so that the FTO requirements can be handled swiftly and efficiently
  • Funding, Community and PR – having experience acting for offshore wind developments, we can advise you and assist you with all matters that are considered ancillary to a significant infrastructure project, including funding and investment, cross-border contracts, port agreements, public relations and local community and charitable involvement

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