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Private Wealth Disputes

Estate Administration Disputes

When someone dies we all hope that their wishes will be carried out.  Those who are left to deal with the administration of the estate, either appointed by a Will, or following the intestacy rules (which apply where there is no valid Will), sometimes fail to carry out those duties.

The type of Estate Administration Disputes

There are many types of Estate Administration Disputes, and no two cases are the same.  Some of the reasons that disputes may arise include:

  • disagreements amongst the beneficiaries
  • conflicts with the appointed executors or administrators
  • disputes over the interpretation of the Will
  • issues with asset valuation, tax matters, or allegations of misuse or mismanagement by the executors or administrators.

How we can help in Estate Administration Disputes

Estate administration disputes can be frustrating and upsetting at what is already a difficult time.  If you are struggling as a beneficiary to get updates or information, we can help.  We can investigate, and try to resolve issues collaboratively, but sometimes this can result in the executors or administrators having to be removed and replaced.

It may be that you are the executor or administrator and are facing unreasonable demands by the beneficiaries when you are trying to administer an estate.

These disputes often require legal interventions to resolve the issues and ensure the proper administration of the deceased person’s estate.