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Roythornes' Vaults

Designed by our Private Client experts, Roythornes’ Vaults provide you with a secure place to store your most important legal documents and information in one centralised, safe location.

There are three types of Roythornes’ Vault – each bespoke to its specific purpose and designed to help tackle the challenge of organising and protecting information about your personal affairs; your estate; your business and/or your trusts.

Personal Vault – for your personal estate and wealth management

Personal estate and wealth planning is becoming increasingly difficult to keep on top of. Managing the key documents concerning one’s investments; bank, building society, credit accounts, insurances, digital accounts (including cryptocurrencies, online storage, and social media) and so on, can be made simpler with the Personal Vault.

The Personal Vault also provides safe and secure storage for those important legal documents such as your Will and Lasting Power of Attorney, making managing your affairs and documentation easier.

Estate Vault – a key tool for landed estates and agricultural businesses

Designed for businesses, landed and agricultural estates to help keep track of the many deeds and documents required by a busy and diverse estate, which often involves multiple individuals.

The Estate Vault takes the Personal Vault one step further and helps to organise and administer documents such as partnership agreements, articles, meeting minutes, title copies and plans, trust deeds, insurance policies, as well as asset details and schedules.

The Estate Vault can be used to share information between business or family members and protect information relating to individuals or couples. So, for example, whilst the partnership agreement may be free for all to review; Wills and LPAs can be kept private for the benefit individual concerned.

Trust Vault – to help streamline the administration of trusts

Whilst trusts still play an important role in estate and tax planning, trust administration has become increasingly complex in recent years, following the introduction of requirements such as the Trust Registration Service.

The Trust Vault was designed to help trustees manage and safely store copies of the deeds and documents affecting the trust, accounts and tax returns, as well as trust registration information.


  • Intuitive and easy to use – you can manage your documents via easy-to-use controls.
  • Safe and secure – your most important documents will be password protected, with two-factor authentication.
  • Available 24/7 – Access via the internet and available on your tablet or mobile, gives you the security of knowing that everything you need is in one place and accessible whenever you want it.
  • Allows you to access up-to-date documents at the touch of a button.
  • Contact your legal team – communication is just a click away with access to our legal experts directly through your Vault.
  • Receive key date reminders straight to your inbox – keeping on top of tax returns and TRS submissions is simplified.
  • For our Estate and Trust Vaults, you can choose to add in additional features, including:
    • A client matter list, so you can keep track of your Estate’s legal matters and billing.
    • An interactive estate plan, with aerial photography and OS-style plans.

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