Desley Sherwin
Roythornes Spalding Office

Desley Sherwin, Senior Associate

My father was in the RAF, so I grew up all over the world - although my Mum is a true Lincolnshire ‘Yellow-Belly’!

I lived in Boston from age 11 to 18, before I left to go to University. After Law School, when I needed to find a firm where I could do my Articles (as Training Contracts used to be known), I looked towards Lincolnshire again - in particular to Roythornes. In the 1990s, Roythornes was a forward-thinking, well-regarded but much smaller firm. On qualification, I left to work in Staffordshire and Cambridgeshire, before family ties in Boston pulled me back to my home county.

In the intervening years, I had watched Roythornes’ development with interest, so when the opportunity to return arose, I grabbed it! The people who work here really know their stuff, and they are also a great bunch of colleagues. Some are still here from the first time I worked for Roythornes!

The quality, variety and depth of the work we do is fantastic. Everybody seems to be working towards the same aim: Doing the job well, and doing it right for our clients.