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How Using a Lawyer Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

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One of the things we are often asked is Why should I use a lawyer to handle my personal injury claim? It’s a fair question and it is indeed possible to handle a claim yourself, but there are a number of benefits to taking the help of a professional, which you should bear in mind before making your claim.

The offer

You may have been involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault, and the other party has contacted his insurers about your injury. Those insurers may contact you to try and settle your claim directly with you. They could have told you that you don’t need a lawyer and that a lawyer will delay things and make them more complicated and lengthy. They may even make you what seems like a very attractive settlement offer which you are tempted to accept.

But how do you know whether that offer is fair to compensate you? Very often, if an insurance company knows that you don’t have a lawyer to represent you, they will make an offer for less than your claim is worth. An experienced and professional personal injury lawyer will have access to case histories and medical guides that give realistic and expertly calculated levels of possible compensation for your injuries. By referring to similar cases, and medically supported figures, you could find that the initial offer from an insurance company is not as good as it first seems. 

Ongoing care and other losses

What if you accept an early offer from the other party’s insurers, but find a few months later that you are still suffering from your injuries, or you need treatment such as physiotherapy? Once you have accepted an offer, that offer is in full and final settlement of your claim. If you need further treatment, you will have to pay for this yourself. In addition, if you are still suffering it is highly likely that the amount you accepted is simply not enough to compensate you for your ongoing suffering.

A professional lawyer will consider the whole picture – looking at not only the immediate injury but also longer-term issues. Will further care be required? What about modifications to your home? Will your injury affect your ability to get work in the future? All questions that should be asked before a seemingly attractive offer is accepted.


What if the insurer makes an offer to settle your claim and you want to dispute it because you’ve heard that you should never accept the first offer? Do you know how to negotiate for a higher amount, and on what basis? An experienced personal injury lawyer can do this for you, as they will have years of expertise in dealing with insurance companies and negotiating the best settlements for their clients.

Court proceedings

Finally, have you considered what might happen if court proceedings need to be issued, for example, if the other party’s insurers withdraw their admission of liability or refuse to increase their offer? Could you deal with the court paperwork yourself? It would be much better to put your claim in the hands of an expert team of personal injury lawyers who can deal with this complicated process for you.

We help hundreds of people every year by managing their claims and ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve to help them get their lives back on track. 

If you want fair compensation for your injuries and associated losses, and you want an experienced professional to deal with the stress and hassle of your claim for you, then contact us today for your free initial consultation.