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Review of GLAA Licensing Regime

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The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) has recently launched a consultation on its Licensing Standards.

Whilst the GLAA still covers the same regulated sectors (agriculture, horticulture, shellfish gathering and associated packaging and processing operations), the thrust of the consultation is to seek to introduce broader powers for the GLAA to look at how labour providers operate in other sectors when considering if an applicant for or holder of a licence is a “fit and proper person”.

The proposals would see failings in the non-regulated sector being counted against the applicant/licence holder in the regulated sector. So, as an example, if a supplier underpays wages in a non-regulated sector, then its ability to obtain or retain a GLAA licence would be put in doubt.

The proposals also look to increase clarity in terms of what the GLAA feels is acceptable with regard to loans made to workers; how holiday pay is treated and what amounts to the prevention of workers taking holiday.

The GLAA asks a number of questions as part of the consultation which can be seen here. Be sure to have your say on the proposals which are due to be enforced in October 2018. The consultation can be conducted online or by email to and closes on 3 July 2018.