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Wills and Probate

Wills and Probate Solicitors

Creating a Will is important to protect your wishes in the event of your death. It can help to give your family support in the future and has been known to reduce the stress during this difficult time.

Our Wills and Probate Solicitors at Roythornes are committed to helping clients with every aspect of creating a Will and organising probate, giving people peace of mind, knowing that their affairs have been left in capable hands.

We work to ensure that any issues are delt with as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst helping your family to carry out any practical arrangements that need to be made after your death.

At Roythornes our Wills and Probate Solicitors can provide expert advice on many matters, including…

  • Challenging a Will
  • Estate administration
  • Statutory Wills
  • Making a Will
  • Contentious probate
  • Disputes
  • Lasting power of attorney

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Our legal expertise regarding Wills and Probates:

Challenging a Will

To contest a Will is to formally object to its validity or how it reflects the wishes of the deceased. If you believe that the Will does not properly meet the wishes of the creator, or if the intended purpose of a Will has not been achieved when a loved one dies it can be distressing.

Our Solicitors at Roythornes can give you expert assistance and all of the advice you may need when choosing to challenge a Will.

Estate Administration

When someone has died the process of managing their legal affairs is known as estate administration. This can include handling matters such as…

  • Money
  • Property
  • Personal possessions
  • Debts
  • Shares and investments
  • Any trusts arising

In the event that the deceased left a Will specifying who shall inherit and be responsible for their estate, our Solicitors can help you to handle matters smoothly and efficiently.  If no Will was created then our Solicitors can advise on how the statutory framework, called the Intestacy Rules, will apply in default and who can administer the estate and assist with that process.

At Roythornes we can provide clear guidance when it comes to estate administration, minimising the amount of additional stresses caused during this difficult situation.

Statutory Wills

A Statutory Will is a Will created for someone who lacks the mental capacity to make one themselves through the Court of Protection. This type of Will is considered legally binding, however due to its complex nature must only be made if absolutely necessary.

Our Solicitors can help you to create a Statutory Will in the event that…

  • The existing Will doesn’t reflect the person’s wishes
  • The circumstances have changed
  • The estate in question has massively increased in value
  • It’s necessary to better plan for or mitigate tax

Making a Will

At Roythornes our Solicitors are skilled in helping our clients to create a Will that reflects their wishes. There are a number of challenges that you may experience when creating a Will and a Solicitor can help you to navigate these. We can…

  • Ensure the Will is legally valid
  • Help you avoid mistakes that may lead to additional legal costs
  • Help you to amend you Will as required
  • Provide legal guidance regarding your wishes
  • Ensure you are not paying excess inheritance tax
  • Avoid miscommunication regarding the interpretation of the Will
  • Help get your Will properly signed and witnessed

Contentious Probate

Contentious Probate refers to any disputes that occur regarding the administration of an estate after a loved one has died. Our expert Solicitors can help you to manage these situations, for example…

  • When a dispute occurs due to the interpretation of the Will
  • Disputes over the value of the estate
  • Conflict between the beneficiaries and the executors


There may be a number of reasons for a disputes regarding Wills and Probate. Our Solicitors at Roythornes can help to mitigate these confects to ensure that this difficult time period is not made any more stressful.

We can help to manage disputes involving…

  • Inheritance disputes
  • Succession disputes
  • Disputes between beneficiaries and executors
  • Disputes regarding miscommunications or misinterpretations of the Will
  • Disputes occurring when a Will is being contested

Lasting Powers of Attorney

In the event that you or a loved one are losing mental capacity you may be able to use a lasting power of attorney (LPA) to grant someone the legal authority to make decision on your behalf. This is, however, something we recommend putting in place long before it may need to be used.

A Solicitor can give you the necessary support to help you…

  • Create an LPA
  • Understand what type of LPA you may require
  • Recognise the responsibilities an attorney will have under an LPA
  • Ensure all matter are taken care of in a timely fashion

Frequently asked questions about Will and Probate Solicitors

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that outlines the wishes of an individual regarding their estate and assets in the event of their death. This can also be used to make arrangements for minor children and can help give the individual control and peace of mind over what will happen to their assets when they are gone.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of granting someone the right to administer someone’s estate when they die, usually the person named in the Will as an executor. This can be quite a distressing process both emotionally and legally as it involves handling a loved one’s last requests as well as managing taxes and even debts.

What does a Wills and Probate Solicitor do?

A Wills and Probate Solicitor has a wide range of knowledge that can be used to help individuals creating, managing, and executing a Will. They understand the intricate details of inheritance tax, other statutory rules, how to handle an international Will, and even how property management and laws will affect matters.

On top of this, a Wills and Probate Solicitor can help you to navigate the legal aspects of the death of a loved one while you are understandably coping with their loss.

If there are complications that need addressing such as the lack of a Will, an extended family or a contested Will, a Wills and Probate Solicitor can provide expert advice and guidance to minimise dispute and confusion.

These Solicitors are trained to help you cope with every aspect of Wills and Probate, making the entire situation easier to manage.

Why choose Roythornes’ Wills and Probate Solicitors?

At Roythornes we are proud of our highly skilled Wills and Probate Solicitors. They have extensive knowledge in these areas and have experience supporting our clients to successfully navigate through this difficult time.

In addition to this we are Lexcel accredited by the Law Society due to the high standards of our practice management and client care and have also received the Customer Service Excellence award.

Our team understand how difficult the loss of a loved one is and will provide sensitive and understanding guidance to all of our clients.

On top of this we have offices in Nottingham, Alconbury, Peterborough and Spalding where our Solicitors are happy to help with any and all matters involving Wills and Probate.

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