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Secure Fixed Price Employment Service

Having employment experts on hand is invaluable for any business, even more so when they are from a top 200 law firm with extensive experience of giving practical, commercial employment law advice.

Secure is our fixed-price employment law advice service which aims to make our employment law team feel like your employment law team.

Taking out a Secure package for your business gives you peace of mind.  It means that:

  • we're always on hand to help, with a real appreciation of your position;
  • you can confidently ask for employment law advice, without worrying about costs;
  • you can ask about issues before they escalate, or before you take action, meaning that little problems don’t become big ones.

The key benefits of the Secure fixed price employment law service for employers are:

  • direct access to the Roythornes' Employment team to answer your day-to-day questions whenever they arise;
  • health check of your HR documents and policies – making sure you are set up correctly from day one;
  • registration with our e-mail briefing service – giving you the employment law news as it happens, and invitations to employment law events and seminars.

If you are already registered with, or considering other services, think again.

There are many similar services out there - but before you sign up or renew with them, take a moment to consider the benefits of Secure.

  • You will be speaking directly to a qualified solicitor who is part of a team with many years’ experience in employment law – not an unqualified call handler
  • We tailor our advice to your particular situation and tell you how to resolve your issues or achieve your objectives – each situation is different and we strongly believe there is not a ‘one size fits all’ flowchart based solution
  • As a large law firm we have the experience to consider the wider aspects of any employment law decisions you take, to ensure that decisions taken in isolation do not have a detrimental impact elsewhere in the business

How much does Secure cost?

Rather than work on a flat percentage of your payroll, we look at you as an individual business, your size and locations and the sector in which you operate and provide you with a competitive quotation based on these factors.

To help cash flow, you can pay for Secure on an annual or quarterly basis.

If you have any questions, or would like a quotation

If you have any questions on the Secure package, how it’s priced or how it works please speak to one of the team below.  They will be very happy to help, and to give you an idea of costs for your business.

For further details on the fixed fee employment law package click here.

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