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Animal Welfare in Transport

Businesses which are involved in the transport of livestock can come up against a number of animal welfare challenges.

The transport of live animals is highly regulated and can result in legal enforcement action being taken by regulatory bodies such as the APHA or Trading Standards.  This can happen for example, where an animal which is not fit for transport is transported and/or where an animal appears to have been harmed or injured in transit or is at risk of harm or injury. This could be identified by the authorities as a result of random on the road checks, at the livestock market or at the slaughterhouse. Problems could range from the structure of the trailer or lorry not being sound, journeys being too long or without enough ventilation or poor driving resulting in injury.

There is also a biosecurity element to the livestock transport business with requirements for washing trailers after use. Enforcement actions by the regulator could result in a driver’s licence to transport livestock being suspended or revoked, a letter and/or an interview under caution.

Our recognised experts can help with challenging actions taken by regulatory bodies such as the Food Standards Agency, Trading Standards, DEFRA, APHA and the Environment Agency. This could take the form of writing a formal letter, making an appeal to the Magistrates Court or Tribunal, challenging a decision by way of Judicial Review in the High Court, assisting with the preparation of a response to an interview under caution or representing and advising you during a prosecution in the Court.