Top Tips to setting up a Dairy Producer Organisation (DPO)

Roythornes Food Team have provided some Top Tips to help farmers who are thinking about setting up a DPO Dairy Producer Organisations (DPOs)

The EU regulation provides the legal requirements for the formation of DPOs, which are recognised by the Rural Payments Agency in the UK.

  1. That the DPO is formed at the initiative of the producers.
  2. The DPO must pursue a speci¬fic aim, this is not specified by the EU but optimising production costs and stabilising prices is a good example of a DPO objective.
  3. The DPO must either have 10 Members within the EU or produce 6 million litres of milk, in which case it must have at least two members.
  4. The producers must have evidence that they can carry out their activities properly in terms of their effectiveness and their ability to sustain supply.
  5. The DPO must also create a statute which is consistent with all of the above conditions. The statute will set out the functions of the producer organisation and may detail any financial implications of membership, i.e. a producer may need to help fund the organisation in order to become a member.

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