The impacts of the TCA on food and farming.

With the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement signed and provisionally in force from 1 January, our agri-food specialists have written a series of articles to explain the implications of the TCA, and Brexit, for the food and farming sector.

Julie Robinson, head of our Agriculture team, explains:

“No food or farming business is unaffected by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Whilst we have a basic trade deal which has avoided the imposition of tariffs on exports to the EU of food and feed produced in GB, our ‘third country’ status means significant changes for the way we trade with the EU. There are opportunities too. A ‘made-in-Britain’ agricultural policy is now being designed and legislated for and this will make radical changes to the way our farmers and growers are regulated and supported.

We have pulled together some Q&As to explain the impacts of the changes, and what being outside the EU, with a free trade agreement in place, means in practice for food and farming.”

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