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Below is a selection of our latest press coverage.  Please click on the link in the 'Description' column to read the complete coverage where available.

17-01-2020Financial TimesNew regulation and how it will impact trusts 
18-11-2019Farming UKCase rules in favour of farmer - APR 
18-11-2019Farm BusinessNew government must deliver change regarding flooding
18-11-2019PBC TodayThe Scope of Section 73
24-10-2019The TimesWhat a No Deal Brexit Could Mean for Cross Border Divorces
18-06-2019Peterborough TelegraphInvestors In People awarded to Roythornes Solicitors 
17-05-2019Farmers Weekly Fens Flooding Prevention
08-05-2019Peterborough TelegraphInvestors in the Environment award
02-01-2019Farmers WeeklyTips for buying or selling used agricultural equipment
29-11-2018The Daily MailLast minute cancellations at Airbnbs
22-11-2018Farmers WeeklySea defence improvements 
20-11-2018Peterborough TelegraphWarning from packaging expert on sustainability
01-11-2018Insider MediaAcquisition of 188 year old law firm
30-10-2018Lawyer MonthlyLiabilities at Halloween
23-10-2018Lawyer MonthlyUniversal Wealth collapse
25-10-2018The Business DeskLegal 500 rankings
12-10-2018Farmers WeeklyDefra commits to supporting producers
06-09-2018The TimesWho pays for accidents in Airbnbs?
03-08-2018The GrocerBrand protection, Kit-Kat case
24-07-2018Retail TimesFood brands and social media monitoring 
11-07-2018Business DeskRoythornes promotes staff 
23-06-2018Lawyer MonthlyThings you need to know about GDPR
15-06-2018Peterborough TelegraphPeterborough firm listed as one of UK's most inspirational businesses
27-04-2018Business Insider

Carolyn Byrne joins the Private Client team

18-04-2018Farmer's Weekly

Farmer Battles Church of England over Ownership of Land

17-04-2018Peterborough TelegraphFood producers in Peterborough review how robots eat into production process
16-04-2018Lawyer Monthly

Gender Differences Still Persist With PI Claims

11-04-2018Lawyer Monthly

Is The LPA Refund Scheme The Ministry Of Justice’s Best Kept Secret?

11-04-2018Property Reporter

New agri property law aims to help ease the housing crisis

27-03-2018Farming UK

Lincolnshire farmer gains 14 acres of land due to natural process of accretion

09-02-2018East Midlands Business Link

Roythornes lawyer tackles proposed clinical negligence reforms

17-01-2018International Food and Drink Distributor

International food distributor moves into bigger premises

10-01-2018The Business DeskTeam Lincolnshire mobilised for MIPIM
21-01-2017East Midlands Business LinkRoythornes appeal for holiday "food poisoning" fraud to be given more context
20-12-2017The Business DeskWhat's in store for 2018? Vember Mortlock previews the year ahead
05-12-2017Farmers WeeklyBack-dated holiday pay court case puts farmers on notice
04-12-2017Peterborough TelegraphWhat impact will new data rules have? Peterborough businesses warned
19-12-2017The Spalding GuardianAshwood win appeal over new homes for Holbeach
20-08-2017The Business Weekly

Roythornes Solicitors expands with new Alconbury presence

18-08-2017WET NewsManhole maintenance queries following child court case 
18-08-2017Nottingham PostChild wins compensation after falling into open sewer 
04-05-2017Lincolnshire LiveWhat are your rights if your child is injured at school?
13-04-2017PI FocusB v Ivory - Drink driving and contributory negligence
10-04-2017The GrocerFood and drink in the dock: grocery's strangest lawsuits
24-03-2017Daily MailWogan's wise will saves his family from a hefty inheritance tax bill 
02-03-17Financial TimesProbate rise a 'tax on the bereaved', lawyers claim
10-02-17Fresh Produce JournalThe Provenance Question
02-02-17Sheep FarmerCould you use the law to become the legal owner of unclaimed land?
20-02-17farmerswifeandmummy.comAgriculture addresses at City Food Lecture
06-02-17thebusinessdesk.comNottingham legal firm planning to expand
02-02-17Farmers WeeklyDEFRA in second nitrate zone mailout fiasco
31-01-17Farmers GuardianRenewable energy boosts farming efficiency
16-12-16Food NavigatorPost Brexit: five legal issues UK food firms need to guard against in 2017
15-12-16The Spalding Guardian Spalding young professionals donations 
10-12-16The GrocerProtect your brand assets or risk a cold war 
09-12-16Food ManufactureIceland vs Iceland: Start ups must protect brands
Nov-Dec 16Energy NowFracking given the green light
Nov-Dec 16Food Management TodayFood sector unprepared for Gender Pay Gap reporting
28-11-16Lincolnshire Chamber of CommerceRoythornes Bursary Scheme offers university funding
25-11-16Food Manufacture'Practical challenges' caused by extended 'method of production' labelling 
18-10-16Lincolnshire Chamber of CommerceRoythornes adds to legal team
07-10-16Lincolnshire Chamber of CommerceRapid Roythornes Registrations