Free checklist service keeps firms in the know

Businesses in the region looking for quick and concise legal advice now have a new place to go for information thanks to Peterborough based lawyers Roythornes’ newly launched checklist service.

According to the firm, many of the difficult issues faced by employers and businesses today would have probably been avoided if the management of a company had a little more knowledge about what they should or should not be doing.

Roythornes free checklists are a starting point in that they give basic advice on a number of situations and offer guidance on what employers and businesses owners can do. Topics covered in the series so far include providing a reference, whistleblowing and data protection issues.

Marketing Manager Mark Dodds said the service was an addition to, and not a replacement for, traditional legal advice:

“The checklists offer somewhere to turn to for initial help and general guidance to point managers in the right direction, but of course each situation has its own unique characteristics.  We would always advise people to give us a call, but having additional information to hand may ensure a tricky position does not get any worse.”

The checklists are available free to download from the Roythornes web site under ‘Knowledge Bank’