Employment law - what to look out for in 2016

Businesses have been warned they must keep abreast of crucial changes to employment law which are on the horizon in 2016.

In a new blog by associate Maz Dannourah, leading law firm Roythornes has highlighted seven key issues for industry leaders to be aware of.

They include changes to rules around exclusivity clauses within zero hours contracts which come into force from Monday (11 January), along with the introduction of the National Living Wage.

Other issues highlighted include the controversial Trade Union Bill, which is currently at the second reading stage before the House of Lords and could be passed later this year, along with new rules which come into force in April which mandate that companies with more than 250 employees must, by law, publish information about differences in pay between men and women.

Maz said: “Some of the issues I’ve highlighted could have significant repercussions for businesses up and down the country so it’s vital that they are not ignored or forgotten about.”

“It’s also just as important that financial planners pay as much attention to these developments as HR professionals.”

“Companies will need to pay attention to the aspects around contract law and the National Living Wage which could have significant financial repercussions and need to be accounted for in advance.”

“Having said that, other legislative issues around national insurance contributions for under 25s and statutory rates of pay could balance that out depending on the business’ employment profile.”

To read the blog in full, visit here.