Significant contributions made to the Agricultural Precedents Handbook

The Agricultural Precedents Handbook is an invaluable resource for agricultural practitioners. We are delighted to see the head of our Agriculture team, Julie Robinson, featuring as co-author of the third edition, published by LexisNexis on 12 December 2018. Testament to the agricultural expertise of Roythornes, the handbook tackles likely post-Brexit changes to policy framework governing farm support schemes, and how they are likely to impact on farm sales, agricultural tenancies and joint venture agreements. In addition there have been significant changes to residential tenancy legislation since the last edition of the handbook; old agreements and forms need to be reviewed before new tenancies of farm cottages are entered into.

Roythornes has a team of agricultural specialists whose members make it their job to keep up to date with policy and legislative changes; they are happy to advise on the commercial, property and regulatory matters which are critical to the success of the sector.