Major speaking slot for solicitor

Maz Dannourah from leading law firm Roythornes has been asked to speak at a national food conference on the uses and dangers of social media for businesses.

Associate Maz will be speaking at Foodex, which takes place in Birmingham in April.  It is the UK’s leading food sector exhibition, attracting hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors over three days.

He will be talking about how companies need to take care in their use of social media and to make sure they have policies in place to monitor and control its use.

Speaking about the event, Maz said:

“Most food businesses have embraced social media as a way to communicate directly with their customers, and there are some great examples of firms that are generating a real buzz about their brand.

However, because it is so accessible and instant there are a number of ways in which companies could come unstuck, and by establishing a set of policies which are communicated to their staff they can protect themselves from some of the worst dangers.”

“We’d advise any company to invest a little time in developing a social media policy that works for them.  By the time something has happened it is of course too late.”