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Divorce Podcast

If you’re thinking about or going through a divorce, the Roythornes Divorce podcast is for you. Hosted by experienced divorce solicitors, Neil Denny & John Boon, the team will be discussing different areas of family law concerning divorce and the various options available.


1. Introducing The Roythornes Divorce Podcast, 6 mins


2. Before you start, 21 mins

In this episode we cover; counselling, social media use, choosing a lawyer and legal costs.

3. What is it and how do I get one? 30 mins

In this episode Neil and John will be talking you through …

What divorce actually is, the stages of divorce, how long it takes, the petition of divorce and the reason cited for divorce, no fault divorce, two-year & five-year separation and most importantly who pays.

4. Finances and divorce, 36 mins

In this episode Neil and John give an overview of the financial elements of divorce, including lump sums, spousal support and more.

5. Children and divorce, 23 mins

In this episode Neil and John discuss the challenging topic of children in divorce, the things you need to take into consideration and what happens when separating couples can’t agree on arrangements for the children.

6. Understanding and using mediation in divorce, 25 mins 

Neil Denny talks to John Hind, leading family law mediator and the director/founder of Compass Resolution. Neil and John explore how mediation helps you when going through divorce or separation and how you can access mediation services. Get a clear understanding about the requirements to attend a mediation information assessment meeting (MIAM) and what happens beyond that.  Find out more about John’s mediation work at

7. Family law and coronavirus, 21 mins

Neil Denny and John Boon discuss the rapidly changing landscape as coronavirus places the country into lockdown.  Explore what the impact might be for you if you are already going through divorce or if you are thinking about applying for divorce.Neil and John also explore the guidelines regarding children contact


Throughout the podcast Neil and John will impartially talk through different stages of the divorce process allowing you to make informed decisions based on your own circumstances. In that vein, this podcast is for you so if there’s anything specific you’d like to be addressed or if you have any questions for the team please leave a comment or email