NPD Food Conference 2014

Consumer Rights Act seminar

The Consumer Rights Act is expected to come into force on 1st October 2015.  This is the first piece of legislation within England and Wales to consolidate the key areas of consumer law including consumer remedies and unfair terms.

Any business that sells goods or services to a consumer needs to be aware of the Consumer Rights Act.  It’s hoped that the change will make life easier, as businesses will have fewer pieces of legislation to refer to, but it will also mean that businesses will have to comply with stricter standards. For example, the customer will have 30 days to reject a product and the business will only have one chance to repair/replace it if something is wrong.

Given the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act (and following the Consumer Contracts Regulations which came into effect in June 2014) it is important to make sure that terms and conditions are up to date.  If the correct information is not given before a contract is entered into, or unfair terms are included in a contract, then the contract could be unenforceable or the trader could find themselves being sanctioned by Trading Standards.

Find out more at our informative and practical training session, where we will cover the key changes and highlight areas you may need to review.

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