Spalding Office Day

Robert Aherne

After finishing a Law and Economics degree from the University of Kent in 2018, I had not decided whether a legal career was right for me and during my final year I was considering my options. Working as a paralegal at Roythornes not only persuaded me to pursue a legal career but provided me with added confidence when beginning my training contract in September 2019, remaining in the Agricultural Property team for my first seat.

After interviewing at Roythornes, I realised it was the type of environment I had been looking for. Everyone here has always been friendly, authentic and I feel they always aim to bring out the best in me. Since I started at Roythornes in July 2018, the atmosphere has always been positive, with a fantastic work and social life balance. I am currently studying my LPC part time and Roythornes have been incredibly supportive of this, not only financially but also taking time to speak with me prior to choosing my course.

I was very fortunate to start my legal career with an extremely supportive team. Over the last year or so I have been lucky enough to work under the supervision of three property Partners in Alice Lees, Emma Hill and Tom Foottit. They have all taken the time to help me develop in the early stages of my career and their experience and knowledge has been invaluable. I am confident that such patience and support has given me the best possible start in my legal career. I have worked with various members of the team in a range of matters, including working on various high-profile matters. The work has been consistent and engaging, with clear progression during my time here. 

I have had the opportunity to work on agricultural, commercial and residential matters. Witnessing the expertise first-hand, especially in agricultural matters, has allowed me to see how Roythornes retain and impress such high-profile clients and continue to become a real force in the agriculture sector.