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Oscar Scotney

Roythornes commitment to its trainees was immediately obvious at the initial interview.  I could sense a genuine enthusiasm for getting the best out of each of us, and a willingness to be flexible in its approach.  I felt at ease talking frankly about my plans to study the LPC full time in Liverpool before starting my training contract, and that it would be acceptable to do this.

Having been raised locally, I was understandably sceptical (but very naïve) about the calibre of local firms and set my sights on moving away in pursuit of my career ambitions.  Whilst at Keele University, and with the support of the careers team, my attention was drawn to Roythornes – a local firm that was right on my doorstep.

My first seat was in Commercial Property, working within the Planning and Developments team.  I was given immediate responsibility and exposure to complex matters. The work was challenging and took time to understand but everyone – from partner, to trainee, to support staff – has been willing to take the time to explain (no matter how stupid I thought the question might be).  I have been impressed with the firm’s commitment to developing talent internally and feel incredibly well supported in all aspects of my job.

Roythornes regularly wins awards for its work/life balance and this is something which is extremely important to me, as someone starting out in a notoriously over-worked sector.  It is clear, from the few months that I have been here, that the firm is dedicated to developing an effective and happy workforce.