Roythornes Spalding offices
Solar panel and turbine

Leah Merrifield

I began researching training contracts when I started the GDL at the University of Law. I knew that I wanted to work at a smaller firm where I would feel valued and would have more opportunities for client contact alongside a good work-life balance. Roythornes provided what I was looking for while also having an excellent reputation. When I came to the Spalding office for my first interview the atmosphere was warm and friendly and I could instantly see myself working there.

I have not come across a single person at Roythornes, from support staff to partner, who hasn’t been supportive and welcoming. My colleagues have always been happy to answer my questions and to share their knowledge and experience.

I am now in my first seat in the commercial property department and I have found the work to be varied and interesting. My colleagues have put trust in my abilities and have given me responsibility from the outset which has been extremely rewarding. I am taking part in the Roythornes agri-academy which is an exciting opportunity to learn more about one of the firm’s key sectors from our experts in the field. I have also joined the Roythornes Green Team; I have always been passionate about the planet so it’s great to be able to bring this to the workplace.

Even at this early stage in my career, I feel valued by Roythornes and confident that they will continue to support me in achieving my goals. I am looking forward to seeing what my future with Roythornes holds.