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Harry Johnson

Having considered a whole variety of possible locations after graduating, I decided that I wanted to stay local if possible, without sacrificing my professional ambitions. Being a local lad, raised in Wisbech and educated in Spalding, I naturally looked to cities like Cambridge for this blend.

It was only after attending the “At Home with Roythornes” event that I realised Roythornes was, in fact, exactly what I was looking for. Talking to their experts and learning about the commercial and diverse client base they represent gave me the firm belief that Roythornes would be a fantastic place to train.

Besides wanting to train somewhere with a good mix of commerciality and proximity to home, I also knew that I wanted to start working as soon as possible, despite not having yet started my LPC. I also had very real concerns about the cost of the LPC as I was not in the position to meet them myself.  Fortunately, Roythornes offered £10,000 towards those costs, which relieved a lot of that pressure. In addition, during the application process, they were happy to discuss the best method to get me working soon after I graduated - as I had hoped for but by no means expected.

As a result, I have been able to start my training contract immediately after graduating by studying my LPC part-time. Roythornes gives me plenty of support with my studies, offering time off and covering costs where necessary.  Not only does this allow me to start work sooner, but also to qualify sooner.

Having worked for the firm during various academic holidays, I started my training contract in September 2018 and my first seat was a combination of Employment and Litigation. I was happy to find that, from the application process, what I saw was what I got. The atmosphere is great; I am given plenty of access to interesting work and partners are really keen to set aside time for my training.  I am happy to have made what is, for me, the right choice.