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Bethan Wallace

I began researching training contracts when I started the LPC at BPP, Cambridge in September 2018. I had split my research focus between firms local to me and firms with a Cambridge presence.

Whilst I sought to work with exciting clients and undertake stimulating work, I also knew that I did not have the flexibility to work the longer hours that some firms required with a young family at home.

I first experienced Roythornes at their “At Home with Roythornes” event where I concluded that they satisfied both these criteria. Not only would I have the opportunity to work with exciting Clients as a result of their expert reputation in agriculture, but I would also have a work-life balance.

Starting my career with Roythornes as a paralegal in January 2019, it was apparent that all the positive things I had heard about the firm were true. Not only did colleagues insist I take a full lunch break and not hang around past the end of the working day unless absolutely necessary, but the team were incredibly supportive in training me in my initial role within the Estates team. No question was a silly question and no one in the team was unapproachable.

Roythornes have been incredibly flexible and supportive in my new role as Trainee Solicitor. They allowed me to bring my training contract forward by a year to run alongside my final year of the part-time LPC. In addition, they allowed me to start the training contract on a part time basis to fit in with family commitments.

Now undertaking my first seat in the Personal Injury team I could not be happier. I work with a team that are extremely knowledge, incredibly supportive and I genuinely look forward to coming in to work alongside them each week.