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Julia Seary - rotator

A word from our Training Partner, Julia Seary

I really enjoy being responsible for the training programme at Roythornes. The truth of the matter is though that it is a real team approach to the recruitment of the trainees and thereafter how they are trained with a significant number of partners giving freely of their time to the trainees who sit with them. Together with the others involved in the process, I take an immense sense of pride as I see the careers of many that I brought into the firm as trainees go from strength to strength and the retention rate we are able to achieve tells me we are doing “something right”. The fact that we are regularly mentioned in the Lex 100 report is also a nice “badge” which we are suitably proud about.

As part of the recruitment process we are often asked “what are Roythornes looking for”; strong academics are a must (2:1 degree or above) but they are not enough in and of themselves. We are looking for a spark of something extra, that “thing” which makes you stand out from the crowd, what “it” is differs from trainee to trainee but all of those we have taken on have it and we look to develop it through their training contract and beyond.

Any potential trainee solicitor with any firm needs to be comfortable that they are in the right place for them. I would therefore actively encourage anyone applying to us to ask as many questions as they can, the interview is a two-way process. To try and keep things a touch more interesting for those of us doing the interviewing though – here are some of the more regular questions – please ask us something a little different!

Will I have a say in which seats I do?

The reality is that I hope so, I expect that after investing tens of thousands of pounds in getting through the necessary courses and as a reasonably intelligent individual, you will have an approximate idea of what sort of law you might want to do when you qualify and we try and tailor your training to meet that ambition. There is always some room for a change of direction but we try and produce newly qualified lawyers with as much quality and relevant experience as we can and for whom we have space in the firm going forwards.

What is the firm’s greatest strength?

To my mind (others might differ) the complex mix of the client base and the people who work for us. These produce a great business with great opportunities for continued and sustainable growth.