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The electrical manufacturer Whirlpool has again been in the news following a parliamentary report which claims that it has provided an “inadequate” response to defective tumble driers produced and sold over a period of more than 10 years. It is said that up to 750 fires have occurred in such products since 2004 leading, in some cases, to injury and to death.

Whilst, in the main, most products that we buy are extremely safe and so as intended, largely as a consequence of rigorous testing and the requirement on manufacturers to meet certain standards, there are occasions when defective and faulty products are purchased unwittingly and end up in our homes. Regrettably such products have the capacity to not only malfunction but also to cause serious injury. For example, it can be readily apparent that a faulty electrical item may result in a fire (as has been the case with the defective Whirlpool tumble driers) resulting in danger, serious injury and death.

It is not only electrical products which have the capacity for causing injury in this way but also defective drugs and medicines, medical products, vehicles and even everyday acquisitions such as shampoo/skin treatment products.

If you have the misfortune to be injured by such a product then a claim may well arise either against the manufacturer or retailer of the product. There is often overlap between different types of action so that a claim might arise as a consequence of breach of contract, negligence or even liability under the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

An action for breach of contract, for negligence or under the Consumer Protection Act can be brought for death, personal injury and damage caused to private property as the result of the product defect.

Roythornes has a team of experienced lawyers able to help pursue claims arising out of damage caused by a faulty product.  In the past, compensation has been obtained for injury and loss caused by the supply of defective medical products (in particular, faulty hip replacement parts), a defective television which exploded causing injury to its owner, and cosmetic products resulting in skin discolouration.

Whilst injury and loss caused in this way can be distressing, if not life changing, we are able to assist in obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled as well as arranging appropriate medical treatment for you.

If you have been injured in such a way get in touch with one of our personal injury specialists by calling 01775 842 500.