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Mayor's Transport Strategy 2017

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On 21 June 2017 the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, published a draft of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. 

Essentially, his strategy focuses on the problems and difficulties Londoners face with congestion, emissions, noise pollution, personal safety and personal security.  It contains comprehensive information which discusses the issues in detail, and the Mayor has put forward a number of policies and proposals to tackle the same head-on.

Three key themes

  • Healthy Streets and healthy people
  • A good public transport experience
  • New homes and jobs

Health and Safety is number one on the agenda and the Mayor, through Transport for London, proposes Vision Zero to tackle road danger.

Around 6.5 million trips are made solely on foot; 600,000 by cyclists; and 5 million journeys (which could have been walked or cycled) by car.  Around 80% of those seriously or fatally injured were by these modes of transportation.

Motorcycling safety is also a key issue.  Despite motorcyclists representing only two per cent of London traffic, 540 of them were killed or seriously injured in 2015 and this represents 26% of all those killed or seriously injured.

Safety is therefore a big concern.

Vision Zero aims to tackle road danger

The Mayor proposes to tackle the way people travel but steps must be taken to improve the general condition of London’s roads, streets, pavements and cycle routes.

The implementation of Vision Zero is designed to eliminate road traffic accidents by reducing the dominance of motor vehicles on London’s streets; this is central to the overall success of the Healthy Streets Approach.

Vision Zero targets

  • 2022 - reduce the number of people who are killed or seriously injured by 65% against 2005-09 levels
  • 2030 – reduce the number of people who are killed or seriously injured by 70% against 2010-14 levels
  • 2041 – eliminate all deaths and serious injuries caused by road collisions from London’s streets

In addition, the following targets have been set for bus travel:

  • 2022 – reduce the number of people who are killed or seriously injured in, or by, London buses by 70% against 2005-09 levels
  • 2030 – reduce the number of people killed in, or by, London buses to zero

Vision Zero also focuses on four other areas: safe speeds, safe street design, safe vehicles and safe people.

Have your say

The Mayor’s draft strategy is for public consultation and you can have your say on the draft Mayor’s Transport Guide either by completing a questionnaire on the Transport for London website or emailing your comments to .

The draft strategy is available for download here.

*statistics and policies obtained from Mayor’s Transport Strategy 2017