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Cycling through uncertain times...and beyond

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The ongoing coronavirus has seen us all adapt radically in our day to day routine. Some of those changes are voluntary, many more of course have been imposed on us.

One area of change relates to exercise, and more specifically cycling.

Whilst self-isolation is quite rightly enforced, exceptions are applied which include allowing an hour’s exercise a day. When the Prime Minister made his lockdown announcement, he included cycling as an example of how we can look to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

For our fantastic key workers, cycling to work where possible, is preferable. It limits the numbers on the public transport system and it is easier to practise social distancing on the commute.

It speaks volumes that cycling shops are exempt from the lockdown. The importance, benefit and popularity of cycling is obvious when these shops are considered to be essential.

We will come out the other side of the coronavirus pandemic. Once we have, many of us will reflect on our lifestyle choices, and continue with any changes, including cycling habits, long after coronavirus is consigned to history.

At Roythornes Solicitors, we are cyclists who act for cyclists. We recognise the benefits of cycling but acknowledge cyclists can be vulnerable road users.  Where a cyclist has been injured, we will quickly establish who is at fault, and secure compensation. The types of claim we deal with range from soft tissue injuries to, sadly, fatalities. These are injuries sustained at the hands of fellow road users or against the Highway Authority where roads are unsafe.

We act for:

  • Leisure Cyclists
  • Club Cyclists
  • Competition Cyclists
  • Cyclists Injured Abroad
  • Cyclists Travelling to Work

If you or anyone you know has been injured whilst cycling, contact Rob Dempsey on 01775 764 167. He, or a member of the team will be happy to assist.