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Landmark Case as Lincolnshire Land Gains 14 Acres

LEADING law firm Roythornes Solicitors has successfully acted on behalf of a client to increase the total land ownership by 14 acres thanks to the natural process of accretion.

The land, located in Lincolnshire on the River Humber, is currently used as part of a farm and the owners now have legal ownership of the land which adds the value of £14,000 and approximately a third extra total land mass to the property. 

Simeon Disley, partner at Roythornes Solicitors, who successfully lobbied for the accretion accumulation said: “Accretion is the process of growth or enlargement through a gradual build up, such as the increase of land, by the action of natural forces.

“This is a milestone case as the vast majority of the UK coast is eroding and accretion is comparatively rare and when it does occur it is often not realised.

“To prove that accretion has taken place you need accurate, up-to-date plans – which may require the Ordnance Survey to assist – and an understanding of the law around accretion and land ownership next to the sea. I lobbied for the River Humber to re-mapped and following the acceptance by the Land Registry my client has an extra 14 acres, valued at £1,000 per acre.

“The existing land is currently in use as a farm but the new land will most likely be used for grazing in the short term as it will still get covered by salt water tides. However, the land can be used for a number of uses such as wildfowling, as a source of material for the improvement of sea banks to protect against flooding and also in agricultural environmental schemes which can be eligible for government grants.”