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The Food Law Landscape in 2015

  • Posted

Peter Bennett, head of the Food and Drink team at specialist law firm Roythornes, has listed his top five legal themes for 2015. Free From The growth in free-from foods has been explosive and is likely to continue for years to come. Over the past five...

Importing for food businesses

  • Posted

Importing food products presents diverse and exciting new business opportunities that open up entirely new markets or make existing ones more competitive. In order to import successfully, food businesses need to develop a solid understanding of the relevant...

Employing someone for the first time?

  • Posted

As a food  business grows, there comes a time when you may need to start to think about taking on more staff. Whether it’s part-time or full time there are a number of key steps you must take as you take on someone for the first time. John...

What does the 'no' vote mean for the food sector?

  • Posted

Scotland’s decision to continue on as part of the UK will be widely welcomed by the nation’s food and drink industry. Questions over EU membership, the continuance of trade agreements and currency meant that key players in the country’s...

Can independent grocers avoid the chop?

  • Posted

The pros and cons for an increasingly centralised food market have been and will continue to be well discussed and analysed. Concerns over job cuts, reduced competition and a lack of innovation are mulled over and debated with vigour in a retail environment...

What does the halal 'scandal' mean for traceability

  • Posted

The recent halal food ‘scandals’ and reports of the presence of blood serums and offal in meat product tests serve to highlight several issues for the food and drink industry. The ‘method of slaughter’ hype currently doing the rounds...

Getting social

  • Posted

We’ve all heard the scare stories about social media. How personal posts on corporate accounts have caused embarrassment to businesses, how staff have complained about customers on their private accounts and how simple ‘off the cuff’...

Is legislation the right tool to change diets?

  • Posted

The impact of legislation on food ingredients and changing eating habits. The establishment of a new campaign group which is intent on convincing food manufacturers to reduce the volume of sugar in every day food is the latest skirmish in the on-going...

Food waste, nanotechnology and a damning lack of regulation

  • Posted

Food waste is high on the list of priorities for most retailers across the UK as they search for cost savings which meet CSR policies. With landfill bans all but ruled out by UK government the focus will shift to helping producers develop and manufacture...

Debt recovery in the food sector

  • Posted

Today’s tight economic situation means cash and debt management can make a real impact on the financial stability of a food business. It only takes a few bad accounts on your books to make a real impact.  How many times have we heard ‘cash...

'DEEE Prepared'

Phil Cookson
  • Posted
  • Author

With the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) taking action to reduce the dangers of diesel engine exhaust emissions (DEEE), food and logistics companies need to ensure they are protecting staff from exposure. Phil Cookson of Roythornes solicitors, one of the...

Developing new food products

Martin Jinks
  • Posted
  • Author

Much of the detailed legislation governing the standards of food in the UK originates in the European Union and it is here that food producers must start when seeking to introduce a new product into the UK market. There are a seemingly endless number of...

Intellectual property for food products

Lizzie Walters
  • Posted
  • Author

Can you copyright a recipe? If your business has spent time and money in developing a recipe or new product, you should be thinking about protecting it from competitors. But can you copyright a recipe and is this the best way to protect your work? In the...

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