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Battery storage phenomenon predicted to hit the UK

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In an interview with Business Green, MD of Chinese battery storage giant BYD (Build Your Dreams), Tom Zhao, says that making renewable energy more accessible is the key to growing the sector as a whole and he believes that the UK has great potential when it comes to future battery storage projects.

In 2017, Clayhill Solar Farm in Bedfordshire became what we hope will be the first of many subsidy-free solar farms in the UK, especially now the costs of solar and battery technology has dropped so significantly. Such an innovation has given the green light to many other developers hoping to do the same and with the recent efforts in regards to the ‘plastic revolution’, the talk of banning diesel cars and generally making more effort to be more eco-friendly, these advances cannot come soon enough.

Roythornes has extensive experience working with the renewable energy sector.

The headline act however is battery storage. Zhao envisages that repurposing batteries from electric vehicles (EVs) could be the future of the industry: “With an electric bus the first operating life is only 10 years, but the battery has a lifetime of more than 20 years. So we can take it out and put it into storage”, he says.  As electrical vehicles increase in popularity, the amount of batteries we’re able to store will mean renewable energy becomes inexpensive as a result. Satisfying the need for accessible renewable energy should mean we naturally see it become a part of our everyday lives rather than somewhat of a ‘novelty’.

BYD has ambitious plans to form a UK partnership with the aim of taking used batteries from our EVs; part of their plans would be to increase the amount of public transport powered by renewable sources.

So hopefully we’ll see plenty of new schemes crop up this year along with some more business diversifying into energy and waste.