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Nip it in the bud

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What do you get when you cross a husband, a wife, a senior manager with 20 years’ service and an accusation of historic criminal activity? Answer: a management nightmare.

Unfortunately these complex scenarios are a lot more common than you might think, particularly when it comes to the workplace. More often than not if legal advice is sought early enough, these situations can often be settled before they spiral out of control.

Often businesses are reluctant to take immediate action in fear of their productivity being damaged by suspension or dismissal, particularly in peak times, however it’s important that management looks at the specific circumstances from all angles – if the situation was prolonged and made its way into the media surely the reputation of the company would be considerably more at risk?

An example of the potential reputational damage can be seen as billionaire mogul Steve Wynn recently resigned from his casino company, Wynn Resorts after sexual harassment claims were brought against him by his ex-wife. Trade in Wynn Resorts shares have since been halted as result of the scandal which has been widely reported in the Wall Street Journal and will no doubt have a substantial impact on the firm’s profit.

Taking a firm hand quickly, informing the appropriate authorities and following the correct procedures is key to protecting the best interests of your business and may prevent subsequent claims being brought against you in the future.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation it’s essential to seek appropriate legal advice, the Roythornes Employment team is well equipped to deal with even the most complex of matters.