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Essential travel letter

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The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) have produced a letter which can be used by workers in the food supply chain when travelling for work purposes.

The letter can be found here:

This comes after reports of the police stopping individuals in the food supply chain as they travelled to work.

The Government imposed “lockdown” measures on 23 March 2020 which, in some places, has resulted in a tough stance being taken by the police in relation to people taking what are considered to be unnecessary journeys.

The guidance on the AHDB website states that the template letter should be on official, company-headed paper, certifying that the named individual who holds the letter is deemed to be a key worker in the agricultural and food/feed supply chain.

The purpose of the letter is to enable individuals to show quickly that they are travelling for work in the food supply chain, although whether the letter will be accepted on face value by the police is yet to be seen.

In theory it is a good idea and should be able to be adapted to workers in other key sectors as necessary.