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Notifications to ACAS for early conciliation have gone up by 500 per week since the fees ruling

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Since it was ruled that fees in the Employment Tribunal are unlawful and were abolished in July 2017, notifications to ACAS have increased from around 1,700 per week to 2,200.

There has also been a recent report from the Ministry of Justice which showed Employment Tribunal claims covering the period of October to December 2017 had increased by 90% compared with the same quarter in 2016.

This sudden and dramatic increase in claims both to ACAS and to the Employment Tribunal begs the question as to whether the system can cope with the influx of claimants.

The other question is whether the reduction in fees allows for justice to be done (i.e. for any claimant, regardless of their financial situation, to be able to bring a claim) or whether it simply increases the burden on employers to need to defend claims from vexatious claimants.

Time will tell as to whether some fees will be reintroduced, however, in the meantime, there appears to be no sign of the number of claims being made reducing.