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Not just all glitz and glamour - MIPIM 2018

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It seems rather surreal writing this in the week after returning from MIPIM, and subsequently reflecting upon our experience there this year, the second for Team Roythornes.  Those of you who read the pre-MIPIM blogs that my colleagues and I penned, may recall that we were looking forward to our 2018 experience with much anticipation and also at the same time trying to set ourselves some realistic goals and targets to enable us to capitalise on our involvement.  This raises the inevitable question on our return of – “How did it go?”

In a nutshell, the experience only improved from our attendance in 2017.  There was much activity at the conference and, albeit against the backdrop of a spate of negative and in my opinion, underserving, publicity surrounding attendance at such events prior to the event that was circulating.  However, I would anticipate that any journalists who were expressly touting for stories of sordid deeds and corporate party going in sunny Cannes would have been disappointed.  whilst the mood with most attendees (and consequently regions) remained upbeat, the entire proceedings seemed to be tempered with an underlying seriousness for getting business done.  What particularly stood out for me was the real focus on the showcasing of really good schemes and development opportunities across the UK.  As is the case every year, the UK attendees outnumbered those from other countries and, given our involvement with both Team Lincolnshire and Team Nottingham, we unsurprisingly got to witness the interesting and rather impressive array of planned projects and opportunities coming up across these regions in particular. 

The relevant regions we supported were all part of the wider Midlands UK Pavilion, a rebranded and rejuvenated offering that allowed networking for not just Lincolnshire and Nottingham companies and sponsors, but also extended, as one would expect, to the wider Midlands region covering Birmingham, Leicester and Derby.  What was great to see was how within each region (and a quick walk around other offerings such as the ones from London and Manchester also demonstrated) there appears much for those seeking to forge connections and opportunities for investment and involvement.  There was notable activity in particular around Lincolnshire’s Food Enterprise Zones, something we took particular interest in given our own expertise as a practice in the food and drink sector.  Similarly, Nottingham made some important announcements, which showcased the city’s upcoming plans focusing around significant regeneration activity, which is all great news for those like us living and working in these regions. 

Generally speaking, MIPIM 2018 continued to be as busy and as bustling as 2017 and we did get back with rather tired feet and the inevitable worn out soles, but with a raft of interesting ideas and some really good follow up planned for the rest of the year.